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Our wellness providers in Pinellas Park are passionate individuals who care about you. We treat our patients like our own family members, and want you to succeed—if you succeed, we succeed. And at Success by Design, we're all about success. 

Sherri Morrison

Founder & Co-Owner | RN, BSN

Sherri Morrison is the founder and co-owner of Success by Design. She is a Registered Nurse, B.S.N. from Temple University in Philadelphia and brings over 30 years of nursing, nutrition, and administrative experience. Sherri had constant frustrations with fad diets. Not only do they seldom work, but they can also be dangerous. After losing her father to his fourth heart attack when he was 42, Sherri began streamlining her 31 years of medical and nutrition expertise to develop a program that eschews the catchall diets and wild promises of many popular programs. Sherri believes that her father, and many others like him, could prevent such tragedies and illnesses by taking control of their lifestyles and eating and exercise habits. This philosophy is the foundation upon which Success by Design stands, and Sherri, Dr. Tami Horner, and the team champion it by refusing to let patients fail in their endeavor to get healthy.

Dr. Tami Horner

Co-Owner | MD

Dr. Horner received board certification from the American Board of Family Medicine in 2004. She went on to complete the requirements for board certification and fellowship training from the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine in 2013. Dr. Horner serves as a proctor and mentor for Biote, training other providers around the country on the Biote Method of hormone optimization and has achieved “Legacy Partner” as a Biote provider. She also has received specialized training and certification in aesthetic treatments including BOTOX/Dysport. “Throughout my medical/professional career, I have accumulated several certificates and degrees, as well as numerous awards and recognitions. But what I am most proud of in life is my role as a wife and a mother. Having given birth to my sons in my late 30s, I was concerned about “keeping up” with two very active boys! My passion for achieving optimal health is driven by my desire to enjoy my family as long as I can. I don’t want to just watch my children and someday, grandchildren, grow up. I want to be an active part of their lives!” – Dr. Tami Horner “The treatment of a disease may be entirely impersonal; the care of a patient must be completely personal.” – Francis Peabody, 1927

Dr. Brandi Phillips


Dr. Brandi Phillips earned her medical degree from West Virginia University and then completed her residency training through the University of South Florida at Morton Plant Hospital. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. While practicing conventional family medicine, Dr. Phillips recognized that many chronic medical conditions could be both prevented and treated through healthy lifestyle choices. She joined the team at Success By Design because she is passionate about educating patients on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and hormone balance. Dr. Phillips enjoys spending time with patients to really understand their unique health concerns and answer their questions. Having experienced her own medical challenges, she truly understands how important it is to have a compassionate physician who wants to help you achieve optimal health.

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Lisa Dunham

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Vivian Vazquez

Front Desk Supervisor

Michele Lyn Cantone


Maevis Spearance

Nutritional Counselor - CMA, MLC

Angela Zarzycki

Office Manager - CMA

Terri Graham


Suzie Czymbor

Licensed Medical Aesthetician

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