Weight Loss Clinic Near St. Petersburg

Your Ideal Weight Loss Clinic Near St. Petersburg

We’re living in one of the greatest times to experience the benefits of medical weight loss! From online aides to in-person doctors, there are more options from weight loss clinics near St. Petersburg than ever before! But what experience is right for you? 

Success by Design is sharing everything you should know as you look for your ideal clinic. Here are the red flags to look out for—and the signs of success to recognize!

Red Flags

Online Only

Medical-grade solutions are not something that you should trust to a chatbot. Success by Design’s doctors are here for the telehealth revolution. However, we believe that deep concerns related to weight loss are always best addressed in person. Truly reputable weight loss clinics near St. Petersburg have brick-and-mortar offices and medical professionals on staff.

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Close but No Cigar

Going off-brand is a great way to save on groceries, but not your weight loss medication. You should avoid any weight loss clinic near St. Petersburg that references similar but not exact compounds. Counterfeit semaglutide is a recipe for disaster. That’s why our providers at Success by Design thoroughly vet every supplier and solution we offer.

Going Ghost

Even if you’re lucky enough to get an appointment with a specialist to talk about semaglutide injections, what happens after your first appointment? If your weight loss clinic near St. Petersburg isn’t available when you need it, your success could be jeopardized. Our patients get access to our entire staff, from initial consultations to regular at-home injections.

Signs of Success


We’re always excited to see our patients, even if it’s off the clock. Success by Design believes patients deserve real professionals who are equally invested in their community. That’s why our team is proud to serve our neighbors as one of the most trusted medical weight loss clinics near St. Petersburg.


At Success by Design, we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive plans for true weight loss success! Many weight loss clinics near St. Petersburg offer Semaglutide and Tirzepatide injections. But not just every clinic can expertly address hormone imbalances that may be standing in the way of your target weight! 

Our specialists use cutting-edge techniques to empower overall health with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). By balancing key hormones such as thyroid, testosterone, and more, we take medical weight loss to a whole new level! 


There’s no replacement for experience. That’s why you should always look into the specialists at your ideal medical weight loss clinic. The people you trust for your weight loss make all the difference in your success. Here’s a little about Success by Design’s leading ladies.

Sherri Morrison founded SBD with over three decades of nursing, nutrition, and administrative experience. Her skilled hands have built one of the most successful weight loss clinics in St. Petersburg by paying clinically close attention to the unique needs of every patient!

Dr. Tami Horner has dedicated over 17 years of practice and study to helping patients reach their weight loss goals. Her infectious passion drives our practice forward to offer the most effective solutions and personal care possible!  

Dr. Brandi Phillips brings her experience and passion to educate patients on big topics like nutrition, stress, and hormones. No matter what you’re going through, Dr. Phillips and the entire SBD team are here to help with clinical expertise and a personalized approach for everyone!

Meet the Whole Team




When you trust your success to a medical weight loss clinic near St. Petersburg, you should feel a sense of partnership and passion for results. Our practice believes that many chronic conditions are preventable with the right lifestyle choices. 

Our entire team is devoted to creating a space where patients feel welcomed and empowered. We provide this through education, support, coaching, and advanced specialty treatments. The ideal medical weight loss clinic near St. Petersburg is here! So, what are you waiting for?

Design Your Success

The search for your ideal clinic is over. Success by Design’s unmatched expertise and cutting-edge care make the choice easy for everyone in our area. Visit our office in Pinellas Park by scheduling your appointment. Or start your virtual consultation to discover all of our options!