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Medical Weight-loss

Medical Weight-Loss Clinic

Success by Design is known for being an outstanding medical Weight-loss clinic offering a one of a kind comprehensive medical weight loss program. Our program starts with comprehensive blood work to rule out an underlying metabolic condition that could be at the root of your struggle with weight control.  Our physicians and nurses provide lifestyle modification tools to help you regain control of your life. Our eating plan is not a starvation diet or fad diet. The physicians at Success by Design Wellness Center will customize a safe and effective approach that will help you lose weight and gain the knowledge and tools to keep it off. We are here to help you be successful in not only obtaining a healthy weight but in changing your life.  

Here are some of the most popular options that don’t require surgery at our medical weight-loss clinic.

Medically Supervised Appetite Suppressants

There are a number of prescription medications and “natural supplements” on the market that can help curb your appetite, helping you eat less throughout the day. There are a number of products at your local pharmacy that claim to help suppress your appetite, but you probably don’t know the best one for you.  Our providers will review the different options with you and help you determine which approach is best.

Nutritional Counseling

The things we put into our bodies make a huge impact on our weight. Most of us think we know how to diet, but you’d be surprised at the misconceptions you’ve grown to have. Dieting shouldn’t necessarily be all about losing weight. It’s important to remain healthy throughout your weight loss journey. You need to eat, but you need to eat the right things to fuel your body. Not eating enough will leave you feeling drained, and you can’t be as active as you should be. This means you won’t be able to burn as many calories as you should. Talk to one of our nutritionists to learn how to eat and lose weight the right way. We pride ourselves in taking a holistic and healthy approach to individualize a program just for you. We are a results oriented medical weight-loss clinic committed to helping clients lose weight. And keep it off. We want you to enjoy real food from grocery stores and restaurants. We’ll provide menu plans and recipes that allow you to enjoy a wide range of well-balanced and delicious meals. Nutritional counseling will help you learn what items to stock up on when you’re at the store. Filling your fridge and cabinets with yummy, healthy things will make your medical weight-loss goals easier to obtain. 

B12 Injections

B12 is a common vitamin. It is known for increasing energy in people as well as helping people lose weight when used along with a healthy diet and exercise.  We also use lipotropic injections that incorporate other vitamins and minerals in addition to B12.  These injections can help increase fat metabolism, cleanse the liver, and combat stress and fatigue.

IV Therapies

Your cells require the necessary nutrients to perform at top capacity. When they don’t get these nutrients, they will die or begin to function at a lower rate. When not performing at top capacity, the cells fail to provide the energy necessary to be active and burn calories. IV therapies luckily gives the patient a way to easily get these nutrients.

You should not be defined by your weight. However, you do want to be healthy and feel good about how you look. These medical procedures give you the upper hand to help you reach your goal. Remember to also get enough sleep and exercise as often as possible. Your health should always be a priority and Success by Design can help you get on the right track. Talk to one of our professionals about medical weight-loss today to learn more.


How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose?
Weekly weight loss varies with each individual and depends on how closely you follow your designed eating plan and your exercise efforts. On average our patients can lose up to 20 lbs in just 4-6 weeks!*
What is My Personal Eating Plan?
Your Personal Success Plan will allow you to eat real food from the grocery store and restaurants – lots of the foods you love. You will eat many lean proteins (fish, poultry, other lean meats, eggs, low fat cheese, nuts) as well as vegetables from the very first day. Your plan will consist of high protein so that you are never hungry. Your individualized eating program is based on the foods that you like and your schedule. Your diet is balanced with plenty of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins from grocery stores and the restaurants you love! Mmm. Delicious.
Do You Use Appetite Suppressants?
Appetite suppressants are not necessary to be successful with your program. Your personal program for success is not a starvation diet. However, you and your SBD doctor may decide that an appetite suppressant could help your weight loss success.* We offer natural appetite suppressants which are amphetamine free and also FDA approved appetite suppressants. At your initial visit, you will discuss with your SBD physician if appetite suppression is right for you and which medication will be best for you. There are many patients that opt to not take the appetite suppressants at all.
Will I be Hungry during my program?
Your plan is not a starvation diet. The natural/herbal and FDA-approved appetite suppressants usually assist you to reduce cravings.*
Am I the Ideal Client?
If you are fed up with losing the weight loss battle…You are our ideal client.
If you hate the way you look and feel…You are our ideal client.
If you are ready to take charge of looking and feeling good again…You are our ideal client.
There is no magic bullet to losing weight. but, with the combination of your deep desire to look and feel great again and our well trained staff and our commitment to your weight loss success, you can make this happen.
What is the Initial Cost of the Program?
Your first visit includes:

EKG to check your heart
1 week Supply of Appetite Suppressant (Natural or FDA approved)
Physical Examination with a Medical Doctor or ARNP
Individualized Nutritional Counseling and Diet/Exercise Manual
1 Lipo-Lean Amino Acid and B-complex injection fat burning injection
1 30 day supply of Theravite
The total cost for all of these services including your first visit for a through medical exam with your SBD doctor, is only $200.00, complete.


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Hormone Therapy Testimonial

"I was 55 and felt 85. Now I look younger, feel younger, and tell all my friends about Success by Design. I've probably sent 12 friends here. And I wouldn't unless it worked."

- Ivette.

*Real Patient, Real Success

Weight Loss Testimonial

“I had a 40 pound weight loss opportunity that I hit. My son lost 100 pounds. It's not pills or gimmicks, it's education and lifestyle. And it works!"


*Real Patient, Real Success

Hormone Therapy and Regenerative Testimonial

"After back surgery and shoulder surgery I was feeling worn out. I had been dealing with pain for years. Doing the small stuff was causing me pain and I couldn't enjoy the things I really wanted to do. I've been doing hormone therapy and stem cells for a month now...no pain. Pretty amazing, really."

- Dave T

*Real Patient, Real Success

Stem Cell Testimonial

"I tried everything. Gel shots, surgery, everything. After stem cells, no pain in either knee, and I'm riding my bike again 10 miles. walking a mile every day."

- Tom W.

*Real Patient, Real Success

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