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Energize Your Look With Exion

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If that spark of energy that keeps you feeling and looking youthful is starting to fade, you’re not alone! At Success by Design, we see patients of all ages and skin types who come in with telltale signs of aging. We believe no one should ever have to look any older than they feel. That’s why we use Exion in our office near Clearwater to re-energize looks all over Virginia!    

Extend Your Youth

We’re still looking for the fountain of youth, so until then, at Success by Design, we bring our patients the next best thing. Exion is an amazing option brought to us by the marvelous minds at BTL. This treatment specifically targets aging skin with gentle, powerful RF microneedling! To see if Exion near Clearwater is right for you, we complete a thorough skin assessment. Sheri Morrison shares all the details you should know in the video below!

Exion Explained

This treatment is known as fractional RF microneedling. RF microneedling is a tried and true way to increase elastin and collagen production using the power of radiofrequency and highly specialized needles. However, unlike other RF microneedling methods, Exion near Clearwater uses highly specialized handpieces powered by AI to achieve the best results! 

On Your Face

The truly amazing part of Exion is that it’s gentle enough to be used on delicate areas, yet powerful enough to achieve results in just one pass! Using the Exion Face handpiece, the radiofrequency energies are tailored to increase hyaluronic acid production. These are the main areas we target with this treatment:

  • Under the eye
  • Around the mouth


This reduces the look of bags, fine lines, and wrinkles in less than an hour with no pain or recovery time! To empower your results even further, we may also recommend Emface. Read our related feature to learn more!

Embrace Emface

On Your Body

Every dot and line on your body tells a story, but not everyone needs to read all about it. That’s why we recommend Exion to improve tone and texture deep within your skin! Our versatile Exion handpiece factors in your natural contours to deliver the most effective microneedling possible. Here are a few common areas this is an excellent option for:

  • Under arms
  • Flanks
  • Thighs


Using the power of AI to precisely target every treatment area, this is the most effective RF microneedling solution for concerns throughout the body! Exion in our office near Clearwater is powerful enough to target deep tissues, yet gentle enough to minimize any pain or downtime! 

The Best Ex Ever

Ready to feel the difference Exion near Clearwater can make in your skin? Re-energize your look with Success by Design! Request your appointment today, or contact our office to get started. To find all the right options for you, use our virtual consultation tool to start designing your success online!

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