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Our promise and mission at Success by Design in Pinellas Park are simple: creating a healthier, more successful you.

The journey to wellness is never-ending and multi-faceted. As you accomplish your current wellness goals, new ones arise, and that’s an exciting journey to help our patients realize constant success.

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Our History

The Story Behind Success by Design

Sherri Morrison is the founder and co-owner of Success by Design. After losing her father to his fourth heart attack when he was 42, Sherri began streamlining her 31 years of medical and nutrition expertise to develop a program that eschews the catchall diets and wild promises of many popular programs. 

Sherri believes that her father, and many others like him, could prevent such tragedies and illnesses by taking control of their lifestyles and habits. This philosophy is the foundation upon which Success by Design stands, and Sherri, Dr. Tami Horner, and the team champion it by refusing to let patients fail in their endeavor to get healthy.

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Our Premier Location

Our wellness facility is located within Pinellas Park to offer custom solutions to our clients in the Tampa Bay area. When you come visit us, our promise is that the treatments and therapies we use at our facility are expertly performed, appropriate, and effective. We have a variety of services such as our weight loss program in Pinellas Park.

Our Values

Patient Success

Seeing our patients free from pain, shedding pounds, feeling like themselves again, and glowing from the results is the ultimate reward we receive.

Comprehensive Education

Beyond just educating you on your treatment, we provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make sustainable, lifelong changes.

Cutting-Edge Therapies

We offer some of the latest advancements in wellness and anti-aging medicine to help you feel your best.

Individualized Programs

At Success by Design, we design a program that is specific to your needs, not anyone else’s.

Meet Our Team

Our medical staff will closely supervise you throughout your medical wellness journey. We work together to help our patients achieve optimal health through nutrition, lifestyle changes, hormone therapy, regenerative medicine, and other preventive measures.

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