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What fad diets or exercise plans have you tried? With decades of collective experience in medicine and aesthetics, our team at Success by Design has heard some wild ones! From South Beach to Santa Clarita, everywhere you look, there’s a new diet or workout popping up. But if you ask us, the most effective solution for stubborn fat is our medical weight loss in St. Petersburg!

Successfully Losing

Our medical weight loss solution is clinically known as semaglutide, or a GLP-1 agonist. These injections target the GLP-1 hormone receptors that control gastric emptying. By increasing the “satiety hormones” in the brain, you naturally experience reduced hunger throughout the day. Implementing this strategy will help you feel satisfied for longer and naturally manage your calorie intake. 


Additionally, semaglutide works to decrease the amount of glucose released while sleeping. This helps to regulate your natural sensitivity to insulin. With healthier blood sugar and hormone levels, our specialized diets will power you through your weight loss journey.

In your initial treatment, one of our specialists will perform your injection. We’ll also provide training to make at-home injections a breeze! With just one shot a week, you can finally experience successful weight loss! But keep in mind, semaglutide alone is not a silver bullet.

Better With BHRT

While semaglutide alone may help lose your weight alongside personalized coaching and healthy habits, Success by Design doesn’t stop there! We add bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to many medical weight loss plans in St. Petersburg to ensure the healthiest, lasting weight loss possible. Balancing your testosterone, progesterone, thyroid, and estrogen levels helps your body function better naturally!

Our plans that include BHRT and medical weight loss injections are completely unique to every patient we help. Since both powerful treatments can result in dramatic transformations, we work closely with you to prioritize your everyday health as we reach your goals. Read how we can make your weight loss plan better with BHRT in our related blog!

The Big Deal About BHRT

Making It Count With Maevis

To truly make every cut calorie count, Success by Design has one of the most trusted nutritionists in Virginia! Maevis Spearance helps every patient implement minor life changes that make a major difference in their sustainable weight loss journey. 


With over a decade of experience counseling one-on-one weight loss, Maevis brings an educated, experienced approach to every medical weight loss plan in St. Petersburg. Maevis loves to use her diverse set of skills to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Here’s her Highlight reel:

“Nothing brings me greater joy than supporting individuals in achieving their personal aspirations and witnessing the profound satisfaction they find within themselves on their journey. Being able to contribute to that process gives me deep satisfaction personally and professionally.”

At Success by Design, we believe that there’s always room for improvement and growth no matter where you’re at on your journey. That’s why we prioritize building trust and rapport with patients while fostering a supportive and nurturing environment. Maevis ensures that every patient can feel safe as they explore new approaches throughout their wellness journey. 

By creating a space of understanding, compassion, and encouragement, we guide patients through a journey of self-discovery and help them realize their full potential. Through exploration and experimentation, we discover solutions and take meaningful steps together towards positive change.  

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