VI Peel®

VI Peel®

The increasingly popular VI Peel® is a skin-resurfacing chemical peel that stimulates collagen and increases cellular turnover to reveal smoother and more radiant skin. In just 15 years, over 10 million peels have been performed worldwide and VI Peel has been recognized by both consumer groups and industry leaders as the #1 peel.


The Power Of The VI Peel® Blend

Single-Acid peels inherently treat a limited number of conditions. For example, a straight TCA peel is amazing at combating the signs of aging. Unfortunately, obtaining impactful results requires a high percentage of TCA. Not only is it painful, but treatment will also be limited to Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-III. Blended peels have an ability to not only address a patient’s primary concern, but will also simultaneously address any secondary skin conditions he or she may have as well. At Success by Design, the VI Peel is a unique blend of 5 acids designed to target multiple conditions. 



How The VI Peel® Works

  • Retinoic Acid This powerhouse acid penetrates the skin, inhibiting melanin production and increasing cell turnover.
  • Trichloroacetic Acid TCA drives the blend deeper and targets signs of aging by boosting collagen and exfoliating the skin.
  • Salicylic Acid Salicylic acid prevents inflammation by killing bacteria, suppresses sebum production, and cleanses the pore lining.
  •  Phenol This is the secret weapon that numbs the skin, allowing for a painless application.
  •  Ascorbic Acid A powerful antioxidant that reverses free radicals, evens skin tone, and helps prevent future damage.
  • Hydroquinone is a skin lightening agent, promotes providing potent melanogenesis inhibition.
  • Kojic Acid, found naturally, this acid aids in fighting discoloration and brightens the complexion. It is an effective melanogenesis inhibitor because of its ability to separate copper bound to tyrosinase and decrease the number of melanosomes and dendrites that can transfer the melanosomes.
  • Hydrocortisone, an anti-inflammatory that soothes, reduces redness, and inflammation.

Basics Of The Procedure

A VI Peel® only takes about 30 minutes and is usually painless. It uses a blend of ingredients to break down your top layer of skin and reveal healthy skin underneath.

Here’s what you can expect during the VI Peel® Process at Success by Design:

  1. Your practitioner will cleanse your skin to remove dirt and oil.
  2. Next, they will apply the VI Peel® solution for the first pass covering your face and neck.
  3. You may begin to experience some numbness or tingling once the first layer is applied.
  4. After applying all layers of the peel, your practitioner will educate on the steps needed to get the best results from your peel.  You will take home a kit with Peel Pads, Cleanser, Post Repair Cream and Sunblock SPF 50
  5. About 4-6 hours later (no less than 4 hours), you’ll wash off the peel and begin to use the at home care kit as directed.
  6. Your skin will start peeling about 3 days after the procedure. The peeling process then lasts about 3-4 days, after which new healthy tissue will begin to show.
  7.  After 7-10 days your pores will appear smaller, skin will appear rejuvenated, glowing and more even. Full results from the peel are seen at about 12-18 weeks.  
  8. Results from the Peel are improved when used in combination with microneedling treatments spaced out about every 4 weeks. 


Want to see what the procedure is really like? Watch our very own Sherri Morrison perform the Peel on Tiffany Patterson here.


Benefits Of This Procedure

VI Peel has a peel for each skin concern. With 5 custom blends targeted for each patient’s needs, VI Peel helps treat all skin concerns such as aging skin, active acne, acne scarring, melasma, sun damage, keratosis pilaris, and much more.

Our Five Custom Blends Include:

VI Peel ORIGINAL for Tone and Texture

Helps with Sensitive Skin, Early Signs of Aging (Ages 20+), Rough Texture, and Keratosis Pilaris.

VI Peel ADVANCED for Enhanced Collagen Stimulation

Helps with Aging Skin (Ages 40+), Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Loss of Elasticity.

VI Peel PRECISION PLUS for Skin Discoloration

Helps with UV Induced Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Melasma, and Post-Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation.

VI Peel PURIFY for Active Acne and Oily Skin

Helps with Active Acne, Breakout-Prone Skin, Oily/Congested Skin, and Teen Acne.

VI Peel PURIFY and PRECISION PLUS for Acne and Acne Scarring

Helps with Excessive Oil, Acne with Hyperpigmentation, Acne Scarring, and Adult Acne

If you are in the Pinellas County, FL area and are interested in our skin resurfacing VI Peel treatments, reach out to our team at Success By Design Wellness Center today to book a session or learn more about your treatment options. We provide FREE consultations.


What Is The Difference Between VI Peel® And Other Chemical Peels?

Unlike other chemical peels, our treatments are virtually painless, require no skin preconditioning, and have minimal downtime. VI peels have vitamins and minerals which nurture the skin at the same time as it is going through the exfoliation process. These peels are practical, affordable, and give excellent results to patients in as little as one (1) week. VI Peels are suitable for a variety of skin types and concerns. The VI Peel also comes with a take-home kit that includes Post Peel Towelettes, Post Peel Protectant, and VI Derm SPF 50+ to help with healing during the exfoliation process. According to ASAPS data, chemical peels are the 4th most performed noninvasive procedure in the US with over 1 million done each year.

How Many Times Per Year Can A Person Have a VI Peel®?

If a series is recommended, the VI Peel is suitable to receive every 4-6 weeks as directed by your Practitioner. Your Practitioner will be able to create your own unique skincare plan for your skincare needs. You can also have the VI Peels quarterly/seasonally and receive four (4) peels a year for the maintenance of healthy skin.

How To Prepare For The Treatment?

For the week leading up to your treatment, you’ll be asked to stop using prescription retinoids as well as any products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, like glycolic acid; beta hydroxy acids, like salicylic acid; or benzoyl peroxide. 

You’ll also need to avoid waxing, electrolysis, depilatory creams, and laser hair removal for a week before the procedure. 

These ingredients and treatments can temporarily weaken the integrity of the skin’s protective barrier and make skin more prone to burning and irritation.

What Ages Are Recommended for The VI Peel®?

The youngest age suggested for the VI Peels is around 12 to 13 years old and can go all the way through mature age ranges. It is always best to check with your medical practitioner to see if you are a good candidate for the VI Peel®.

Can People With Darker Skin Tones Use VI Peels®? Will It Lighten or Darken My Skin Color?

According to the Vitality Institute, VI Peels are suitable for all skin types and skin colors. However, if you have dark skin it’s still a good idea to get a consultation before your procedure to learn how best to avoid complications. People with dark skin have the highest risk of developing skin discoloration after a chemical peel.

The peel is intended to help address discoloration, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and pigmentation. The peel may make the skin tone appear lighter, but it is actually returning the skin to its natural tone by removing the damage. 

Is There Anyone Who Should Not Undergo This Treatment?

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you should speak with a doctor before getting a VI peel. Due to a lack of research, chemical peels that contain TCA or salicylic acid are not recommended while pregnant. Pregnancy, estrogen use, and excessive sun exposure after your procedure are risk factors for developing dark spots after a chemical peel.

VI Peels are generally well tolerated. However, some people may experience side effects, such as:

  • burning pain
  • skin discoloration
  • swelling
  • blistering
  • itchiness
  • allergic reaction
  • infection
  • dry skin
  • inflammation
  • redness
  • scarring


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