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Why You'll Love EMFACE


Afraid of needles? No problem! No needles, cuts, or discomfort comes with getting an EMFACE treatment.

fast treatment & results

EMFACE treatments only take 20 minutes and within 4 short sessions with patients reporting feeling a difference immediately after their treatment!


Toxins & chemicals? EMFACE has the ability to deliver without the use of any potentially harmful substances.


How EMFACE Works


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EMFACE is needle-free, toxin-free, and downtime‑free.

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Have you ever wished you could reduce your wrinkles, lift sagging skin, reveal your muscle structure and return collagen and volume to your face WITHOUT needles, fillers, or surgery? It’s not uncommon if you have. Each decade after we turn 30, we lose an average of 3-8% of our muscle mass. Our new EMFACE device by BTL aims to restore your face to its youthful state and even improve your facial symmetry.

Why We love it

EMFACE is the first-ever and only non-invasive and needle-free device to simultaneously administer RF energy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, tone facial muscles, and lift the look of the face at the SAME TIME! The smart device does all this while selectively activating and contracting individual facial muscles.

If you love keeping up with the latest beauty trends, you’ve probably heard of Radio Frequency technology and its amazing benefits – with EMFACE, we combine RF technology and HIFES energy. Sync RF uses thermal energy to increase your facial elastin and collagen. HIFES technology generates pulses to stimulate muscle. Combined, you have the best of both worlds and all without surgery or needles.

Next Steps

Find out if EMFACE treatments are right for you by scheduling your consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss your goals along with your best treatment plan. Each EMFACE treatment only takes 20 minutes. With no downtime, and no pre or post-treatment preparation, you’ll be ready to face your day with confidence and joy!

The Power of EMFACE

EMFACE is perfect for men and women.

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Asked Questions

Can Emface lift my eyes?

Yes! EMFACE can create a “lateral brow lift,” thus lifting your eyelids without surgery or needles to reveal a lifted and energized look.

I want a better jawline, can EMFACE do that?

With EMFACE’s muscle-contracting technology, it can do just that. Your EMFACE treatment will strengthen and tone your facial muscles that have weakened over time.

I have fillers in my cheeks and lips, can I still get EMFACE?

Yes! EMFACE is complementary to injectables. During your consultation, we will go over the best path forward for you.

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of patients reported volume improvement!

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