Cosmetic Injections


Almost everyone wants to feel and look younger as they age; you are not alone. Traditional facelifts can be quite expensive and even scary for some. Luckily, advancing science and technology has provided us with cosmetic injections which are much less costly, less permanent and thus, a less intimidating procedure. The majority of these injectables will correct fine lines, wrinkles, and hallows in under 30 minutes and the effects can last 4 months or over 1 year depending on the person. If you desire a more volumized or plumped lips, cheeks, temples, jawline, chin, or hands without surgery, this is the route to take. Not all cosmetic injections are right for every wrinkle or person; that is why our certified professionals will match you with the correct procedure that will be the least risky and provide the best results so that you can reach your Success by Design. 


Here are some of our more popular non-surgical age-defying options.



The use of neurotoxins is the top most trendy cosmetic procedure performed nationwide. The most effective neurotoxin is called Botulinum Toxin Type A that is more widely known under popular brand names like Botox Cosmetic®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®. This procedure is used to smooth the skin that has become wrinkled over time from facial movements like smiling, frowning, squinting and any other dynamic wrinkles caused by everyday facial expressions. The treatment relaxes the target muscles by blocking their nerve impulses so that your expressions will be softer and your dynamic wrinkles disappear.  The results can make you look more refreshed and even more pleasant. 

 Neurotoxins can be used on the following areas:

  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead creases
  • Mouth corners 
  • Chins (for the “cobblestone” appearance)

Dermal Fillers

As we age, our facial tissue begins to thin out and causes lines to form around the nose and mouth as well as a hallowing look of the cheeks. This loss of volume results in very visible signs of aging. This is why our dermal fillers can help you look more youthful, they help smooth over wrinkles and plump areas you feel that the lost volume needs to be replaced. The fillers consist of a gel-like substance that is injected underneath the skin. A couple common issues that fillers help address are smoothing of lines and wrinkles, enhance volume of cheeks or temples, diminish vertical lip lines, plump the lips, smooth out a chin crease, and improve symmetry of the facial features. The procedure is quick, easy, cost-effective, and does not require surgery or downtime, that is why over 1 million Americans choose to undergo this treatment each year.

Stem-Cell Derived Exosomes

Though this type of therapy has been around for a while, there has been a great spike of interest and desire to undergo this procedure recently. Though the scientific name sounds daunting, the gist of it is that growing cells as well as stem cells secrete small vesicles called exosomes. The reason why they are so amazing is that they influence the cells that are around or come in contact with. You can compare these stem cells to directors of complex symphonies guiding all the different cells in the area to act in a coordinated manner. This procedure repairs and prevents the continued look of aging. Plus, the main ingredients for you, come from you making it the most personalized type of procedure as well as the type of therapy at the forefront of regenerative aesthetic medicine.

 If any of these cosmetic injections interest or sound right for you, please contact our highly trained cosmetic professionals and set up a FREE consultation when it works best for you.


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Hormone Therapy Testimonial

"I was 55 and felt 85. Now I look younger, feel younger, and tell all my friends about Success by Design. I've probably sent 12 friends here. And I wouldn't unless it worked."

- Ivette.

*Real Patient, Real Success

Weight Loss Testimonial

“I had a 40 pound weight loss opportunity that I hit. My son lost 100 pounds. It's not pills or gimmicks, it's education and lifestyle. And it works!"


*Real Patient, Real Success

Hormone Therapy and Regenerative Testimonial

"After back surgery and shoulder surgery I was feeling worn out. I had been dealing with pain for years. Doing the small stuff was causing me pain and I couldn't enjoy the things I really wanted to do. I've been doing hormone therapy and stem cells for a month pain. Pretty amazing, really."

- Dave T

*Real Patient, Real Success

Stem Cell Testimonial

"I tried everything. Gel shots, surgery, everything. After stem cells, no pain in either knee, and I'm riding my bike again 10 miles. walking a mile every day."

- Tom W.

*Real Patient, Real Success

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