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Internal and external factors can take a toll on your body’s proper functions. When you lack a sufficient balance of vitamin B12, you can struggle to feel your best or even to get through the day.

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Vitamin B12 keeps your blood cells and nerve cells healthy and functioning properly, and it’s also a nutrient responsible for making DNA! Without enough red blood cells, your tissues and organs do not receive enough oxygen, and therefore unlocks many health issues.

Whether it’s that you’re not taking in enough vitamin B12, or your body needs a little extra help absorbing it, B12 injections in Pinellas Park can be the answer!

At Success by Design, B12 injections incorporate the perfect amount of B12 you need directly into the bloodstream.

Treatment Details

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Sessions Needed: 


Results Duration:


What it Treats

B12 deficiency

Megaloblastic anemia

Rapid breathing or shortness of breath



Loss of appetite

Heart palpitations

Vision problems



Cognitive function issues

Muscle numbness or weakness

Why Try B12 Injections in Pinellas Park?


Improve Health

B12 is a necessary nutrient for your bodily functions and overall wellness.

Streamline Relief

Injections bypass your digestive track, so your body will absorb all the B12 it needs.


Your body will start to make new red blood cells within 48-72 hours.

What to Expect

The B12 Injections Process



Prior to your appointment for B12 injections in Pinellas Park, our providers will get to know you during a consultation. We’ll discuss your specific concerns and goals so we can decide whether B12 injections are the right treatment for your symptoms.


B12 Injection

Once you’re in one of our comfortable treatment rooms, you’ll be able to to sit back and relax for a few minutes while we administer your injection. It’s quick and practically painless!


Next Steps

In the next 48-72 hours after your B12 injection, the vitamin will disperse throughout your bloodstream and you’ll notice improvements in your functioning. We’ll schedule a follow-up session if our agreed-upon treatment plan calls for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are B12 injections in Pinellas Park more effective than pills?

B12 injections bypass your digestive system, allowing for complete absorption into the bloodstream. This means faster and more effective absorption and relief!

How long does a B12 injection session last?

The B12 injection process is quick, lasting less than 10 minutes.

What is vitamin B12 good for?

Vitamin B12 forms red blood cells and DNA, as well as supports cell metabolism and nerve function. A lack in vitamin B12 can be the culprit for many symptoms, such as fatigue, cognitive function, muscle weakness, and many more.

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